Air Sterilization Card with Lanyard for kids and Adult Pack of 1

virus shut out


Air Sterilization Card Portable Air sanitizer Protection Card with Lanyard for kids and Adult Pack of 1

  • Virus Blocker Card is designed for personal usage it is termed as Sterilization Cars with powerful function as the low concentration of chlorine dioxide gas is continuously released into air in the sterilization card. 
  • The process of releasing chlorine dioxide gas in the air around the body achieve the function of the protective layer of human body. 
  • You can use it to sanitize yourself your personal belongings anytime any where and keep yourself always sanitize. 
  • Virus Blocker Disinfection Card, Virus Blocker Card, Sterilization Card, Virus Pouch, Virus Protection keep you safe around the crowd. 
  • Wearing the space sterilizing card can form a comprehensive protection of 360 degree around you. 
  • This card last upto 30 days in killing viruses, bacteria and fungi around you thus reducing the risk of infection.
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