Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer | Certified Quality | 90 Ml | Usable Upto 300 Times

N22 2021
– Kills germs in just 5 seconds, helps prevent UTI & other infections – Dermatologically tested – Made in a WHO GMP, Multi ISO certified Facility – Kills 99.9% bacteria, fungi and viruses including Covid-19 virus – Compact to give you handy and pleasant hygiene on the move – Use it on toilet seat, seat cover, flush lever, faucets and doorknobs – 1 bottle lasts upto 300 times Usage Instructions: Shake Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray can. Hold it upright & spray affected area at elbow-length distance (10 inches). Wait for about 5 seconds for sanitizing before using toilet seat. Avoid contact with skin.
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